Title IV Update Talking Points – SB76

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  • The AK craft beer industry is one of the economic highlights in the current economy
  • Craft brewing industry in Alaska is directly responsible for 1,400 jobs, $340 million in income, $27 million in taxes and fees, and $84 million in-state expenditures
  • One of the only value-add manufacturing industries in the state
  • Emphasize the value of breweries and tasting rooms to your community
    • Social
    • Philanthropy and charity fundraising
  • Community focused, small businesses
  • This has been a five-year process undertaken by many different stakeholders and now, with the short window available, is the time to move this bill and make it law
  • Makes Title 4 a clear and consistent framework used by licensees, the ABC Board and law enforcement
  • Increases effectiveness of Title 4 enforcement by improving the swiftness, proportionality and consistency of penalties
  • Increasing licensee accountability before the ABC Board for Title 4 violations.
  • The changes contained in these bills will allow the Alaska craft industry to prosper while protecting current industry members, addressing the needs of public safety, supporting the important work of mental and addiction health advocates and making enforcement easier for AMCO
  • Creates a rational regulatory structure for Alaska’s alcohol licensing system
  • Promotes responsible alcohol use and reduce the harms of overconsumption

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