SB 76, the alcohol law rewrite would fix a system that is broken. The laws are hard to understand for brewery owners, ABC board, AMCO staff and most importantly the public.

SB 76, is a comprehensive fix that comes after five years of work among many stakeholders; mental health and addiction services, city government, public safety, breweries, cideries, wineries, and distilleries.

This bill offers up new opportunities for our Alaska breweries and the craft industry as a whole. It also allows for new businesses types to be easily added to the alcohol licensing law in the future.

With this change, all sectors of our industry will see responsible growth and new opportunities to deliver our product and the AK craft experience to our friends, neighbors, and fans.

SB76 is working its way through the legislature, but with time running out, we need your support to help push this bill through.

Please take a moment and send a letter of support to your legislator. You can find your state senator and representative by entering your address in the field to the upper right.

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